StoreTender File Transfer Utility  Version 1  ©2015,  Aloha Data Systems, Inc.



The File Transfer Utility provides conformance with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission FTP file requirements as specified in  the File Layout Specifications Revision 2.8 for POS FTP Files. An Internet connection is required to use this utility.


Specifically, the commission provides files on their FTP site and requires the operator to download these files to their POS system as well as transmit sales, orders and month-end inventory counts per their file specifications.


Before using the application for the first time you will need to enter a few settings under Setup.




From the File Transfer Utility Screen you can:


Select a Location

Download Files

Update the POS

Upload Files

Access the StoreTender Web Site

Access the OLCC Web Site

Edit Settings

View Files

Run in Unattended Mode

Display Help

Close the Application